Solomon OCR can read

with Honeywell's Barcode Scanner & Mobile Computers.

Barcode Scanners

Using OCR with barcode scanners can reduce costs.

Mobile Computers

Solomon OCR can be embedded in applications.

What is Solomon OCR ?

Solomon OCR is plugin software of enhanced OCR Text Recognition on your Honeyell Devices.

Best OCR Plug-ins for Honeywell

Solomon OCR can be installed on Honeywell's barcode scannerrs and mobile computers.

Supported Devices

Solomon OCR supports Honeywell devices with CMOS engine.

Excellent OCR Algorithms

In addition to OCR fonts, a variety of fonts can be read.

What Solomon OCR Does?

Enhanced OCR Text Recognition on your Honeyell Devices


No middleware software is requireds. Plug and play.

20 fonts+

More than 20 fonts are supported. Customization is also supported.


Solomon OCR can be used with Honeywell's original decoder.

30 devices+

Solomon OCR can be used from over 30 Honeywell devices.

Who Uses Solomon OCR?

Businesses from industries such as retail, transport & logistics, automotive, healthcare and manufacturing need to scan and capture a combination of text and barcodes.

How Solomon OCR Works?

Here are the 3 working steps to use Solomon OCR


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Solution Facts





Algorithm update




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Yes, we offer a trial license of Solomon OCR. Please contact us from the inquiry form.

Solomon OCR can read over 20 fonts. Examples of readable fonts are shown in the brochure. *Since OCR readings are affected by printing conditions, we always ask that you test with an evaluation trial license before purchasing.

Solomon OCR has been developed to be optimized for the XENON XP 195x series, especially XENON XP 195x xHD[High Density] model.

No. We offer a trial license in exchange for no refunds. You can evaluate the product prior to installation.